Dave Rogers


Dave became interested in the guitar at age 12 because his older brother played guitar in a local band and he really looked up to him and what he was doing. At that time, everything seemed to be guitar or guitar – hero oriented and he could not get enough of the guitar. He was hooked!

Originally, Dave worked for a local music store that went out of business. He applied at two other local music stores, but neither of them would hire him since all I knew about were guitars. There was no way he was going to learn about pianos or band instruments, so Dave decided to open his own shop in 1982 and used his personal collection of 17 guitars for the inventory. He took every dime that I made and invested in more guitars. Dave didn’t even draw a paycheck from the business for at least the first five years.

Today, Rogers' personal collection consists of about 350 guitars and about 75 amps. The guitars are pretty much Fender – mostly custom color Strats, 50′s and 60′s Teles and various pre 70′s models. There are also many Gibson, Gretsch, and Rickenbacker things. The amps are all Fender.

Daves favorite guitarist of all time is Eric Clapton, and as a result of this, my favorite guitar of all time is the 50′s two tone Strat with the Maple fingerboard. As for amps, my favorite is still an 80′s Fender “Red Knob” Twin.

Can ya tell Dave likes guitars?