Blues Odds & Ends

This page is a collection of Blues goodies that you'll get some enjoyment out of.  If you have anything you think might make a good addition, feel free to send it to us via our contact page.  We'd love to hear your ideas!  Click on the image or link to explore.



Dave Johnson's Blues Deluxe. A great weekly program that once aired in the Chippewa Valley on WISM-FM & WMEQ-FM.  Still going strong and playing new & classic rockin' Blues.

Alligator Records is a label that is FULL of Blues artists.  They also have a Blues jukebox you can't go wrong with.

Prairie Dog Blues Fest

Prairie Dog Blues Fest

Dan Akroyd's radio show. A great way to stay up to date on music & more!

All Music Guide's Blues section.  Get ready to lose track of time for several hours while you explore your favorite artists.

Good Morning Blues's Blues Channel.  They even have a Hammond Organ Radio station!

The page behind the station listed above. Also includes informational info on the legendary instrument.