The Jayson Collins Group

The Jayson Collins Band is a high energy jazz group playing through a mix of joyful and soulful blues and rhythm and blues tunes. They will play standards from Ray Charles to original music by Jayson Collins. The band features Cathy Reitz on vocals, Todd Bartlett on trumpet, Jay Collins on alto, Jeff Reitz on tenor saxophone, Dean Granros on guitar, Joshua Gallagher on piano, Steve Clay on bass, and Matt Gulixson on drums. All of these musician are in demand around Western Wisconsin, and they are professionals in the community.

The band is based on the mo-town, R&B sounds of Ray Charles, James Brown and Wlson Pickett. Jay Collins has studied with be-bop legend Don Lanphere and contemporary greats Warren Rand and Renato Caranto. He includes Cannonball Adderley, Art Blakey, Miquel Zenon and Horace Silver to be other influences in his playing and writing. Jay Collins is an active member of the Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra and has played in a multitude of small jazz groups, big bands, gospel choirs, rhythm and blues bands and musicals all over the country. Please check out the band and music at