Lucas K & The Cool Hand Saints

Lucas K And The Coolhand Saints is a talented five piece group specializing in creating good times. Mixing up a stew of blues, funk, rock and reggae with a little jazz to spice it up, they’ll surprise you with their spin on some old tunes and light you up with their originals. Led by Luke Fischer on guitar and vocals as well as an understated presence, his original tunes are influenced by such diverse artists as Tom Waits and Marvin Gaye. Luke currently plays in several other collaborations as well as The Saints, including Looking Glass Down, Boxcar Sojourn, Sue Orfield’s Acoustihoo, and with Catya as Catya & Luke Fischer.  Olaf Lind makes a fiddle and mandolin talk like nothing you ever heard before, an experience you need to have in your life. Olaf has appeared with The Front Porch and a few other groups including Orfield’s Acoustihoo and recently released an album with several other talented locals known as The Eggplant Heroes. If you haven’t heard it or them you should check them out. Brian Trullinger slaps a bass line that’ll make you sway and move your hips’ Brian has the chops that will make you spill your drink while trying to keep up with that toe tapping, Ben Stroinsky joined the band with the accordion he grew up with in his arms. This is his first venture into blues and rock, but has transitioned into a very fine keyboard player and backup vocals. He will surprise you and pull that accordion out and rock your socks off! Josh Hanson keeps it tickin’ like a Timex. He has been a local staple in many bands on a variety of instruments, including bass, keyboards and guitars. He has taken to the roll as the keeper of the beat like it’s a mission, and provides that solid foundation to this eclectic group of musicians.

The Coolhand Saints appear regularly at The Sheeley House in Chippewa Falls and the Bottle & Barrel in Eau Claire. They recently played to a rousing crowd at The Firehouse and The House Of Rock and last year opened up the Blues Society’s Lust For Blues 3 at the Metropolis Hotel & Resort. Watch for them, they will be rockin’ around town a lot.