Paul Tweed Band is from the Chippewa Valley (Luddington if you must know) blues, rock, and originals outfit. “It’s all about the groove, the feeling, the tone, and the emotion when it comes to blues” is the most accurate way to look at this group of veteran musicians. This line-up comes with a deep history of experiences playing in more bands than they care to mention all over the U.S. Paul and the band take a few well known songs, some not so well known songs, and originals, wrap them up in blues, rock, and jam packages for delivery. Take a trip down memory lane, and make some new memories at the same time because you never know what style, what groove, or what song is next. When it comes to the blues it comes from everywhere, be ready to go there.

Paul is joined by Bob Whelihan on Bass and Bill Weiss on Drums.