Proposal of amendments to the By Laws of the Chippewa Valley Blues Society:

** It is proposed a change be made to Article IV section 1, the first sentence to read; The Board of Directors shall meet in the following months to review Society business and specifically as follows:

November – primarily to transition officers and discuss specific responsibilities

January- prior to quarterly meeting to review business, discuss committees new ideas, including current year merchandise, and set agenda for general membership meeting.

March – review business, finalize merchandise decisions, discuss volunteer recruitment and coordination, agenda for April quarterly

April – quarterly general membership

May – finalize volunteer coordination and schedules for Tuesday Night Blues merch and membership tents

July – quarterly general membership

September – prepare annual budget, review proposed bylaw changes and officer nominations for October Annual General Membership meeting.

October - Annual General Membership meeting. Approval of bylaw changes, Approval of Annual Budget, Election of officers.

December, February, June & August are not scheduled but executive officers may call for a meeting if events make it necessary.

** It is proposed the last sentence to read; Directors shall be notified by mail, telephone, email or messenger of such special meetings. Instead of “mail or telephone”.

** It is proposed that Article V, section 2 be removed entirely because it is unnecessary.

“SECTION 2. All members whose membership was initiated by March 1st, 2008, shall be considered Founding Members of the Society. Founding Members who allow their membership to lapse shall forfeit Founding Member status, unless said member has maintained membership in good standing for five (5) consecutive years. “

**  It is proposed a change to Article V section 3. Be changed to meet the 501C3 fiscal year.

**  It is proposed a change Article V section 7 be changed from September to October since our annual meeting takes place in October now.

** It is proposed to change Article V section 4 number 2 to read; Tuesday night blues expenses including the October Annual meeting not “quarterly meeting”, plus I propose the numbers starting with 1. city/county applications and permit, be numbered correctly from 1 to 6. I propose to take out New Projects (ie. Blues In The Pines). This is outdated.

** It is proposed Changes to Article VI: Officers, section 3. to add; The president shall assist the Director at Large with Chippewa Valley Blues updates. The president shall conduct meetings in a timely manner and ask people to raise their hand when a question is asked and inform members to follow “Roberts Rules”. The President shall inform members at all meetings, to respect each other, no mocking, name calling or embarrassing anyone is allowed.

** It is proposed a change in Article V section 7. to read; The Director at Large maintains responsibility to review and approve content of the website in coordination with the President and Chairman of Tuesday Night Blues. Instead of “The Director at Large maintains responsibility to review and approve content”.

** It is proposed that the Chairman of Tuesday Night Blues be placed in Section 8, as Chairman of Tuesday Night Blues and read; The Chairman of Tuesday night Blues shall be responsible for coordinating and holding Tuesday Night blues committee meetings regularly as he/she deems necessary. The Chairman is responsible for coordinating Tuesday Night Blues entertainment. The Chairman shall oversee all Tuesday Night Blues operations in coordination with the Tuesday Night Blues Committee.

** It is proposed Section 8 be changed to read, section 9. Vacancies.

** It is proposed to change Article VII: Committees, section 2, number 2 to remove, “ and the Tuesday Night Blues Unplugged”. This no longer necessary.

** It is proposed a change in Article VII: Committees, section 3 to change the typo “nnual” to annual.