Squishy Mud with Jim Stairs, an exciting Blues-based band offering an eclectic mix of covers and original compositions, was formed in 1998. This versatile, fun-lovin’ “electrified” Blues band has made countless appearances - primarily in Minnesota (receiving third place in Famous Dave’s Minneapolis Battle of the Blues Bands for two consecutive years), but also in the five-state area.

Joining Stairs (guitar, vocals; of Catapilla/Stairs, Anthem Band, Face First, Mud Brothers) are veterans Paul "The Bluesman" Wigen (keys, vocals; of Big Walter Smith, Willie B), Jim Meier (drums; of Armadillo Jump) and Mike Brisson (bass; of Armadillo Jump), and talented newcomer Chris Kaufman (sax). Bringing the fun along with high-quality entertainment, these talented professionals play with intensity and a love for the craft.

Transitioning from Electric Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, Blues Rock, electrified traditional Blues and power Blues, along with a wide mixture of dancer-friendly Blues-based songs, Stairs and the Squishy Mud boys is sure to please every type of Blues fan. The band can be found playing at many of the top Minnesota venues.