“Blues music can be sad, but can also be about love, happiness, and healing the spirit. When I’m playing Blues, it’s as if the music completely consumes me.” ~ Stefan Geisinger

After hearing B.B. King live at the Regal, a then-17 Geisinger picked up a guitar and dug deep into the roots of Blues music. “Something touched me. King’s impassioned voice and guitar playing made me tear up. I still get the same feeling when listening to - or performing - Blues today.”

Geisinger, a native of Rice Lake, WI, honed his guitar skills for eight years; at age 23, ready to bring his distinctive style to live audiences, he formed The Stefan Geisinger Band with Buck Barrickman (The Pumps, “Cover To Cover”) and Travis Nocolai (Big Back Yard; Greg Gilbertson, “Surviving The Echoes”).

“When performing, I try to entice people to experience the same emotions I am. Playing Blues is the only means I have to share emotions with an audience. Music, to me, can express a happiness so intense that it makes you cry. For me, music is a feeling.”

The Stefan Geisinger Band plays recognizable covers from Blues guitar greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, and Howling Wolf, as well as original tunes.

“I write songs about current situations going on around me - the good and the bad. Whenever I’m experiencing a heightened mood, I pick up my guitar, put pencil to paper, and just let the words flow through me. Writing songs and expressing myself through both my lyrics and my guitar is like a double-whammy; I get to share my feelings with the world by combining words with music.”

Geisinger’s expressive and skillful - not to mention spirited - performances have drawn rave reviews from audiences. Listeners often remark that there seems to be an old soul inhabiting such a relatively young Blues artist.

“When performing, I feel free. All worries slip away as they come out through my guitar. I close my eyes, and I’m transported to a different world. I hope to do that for listeners.”

Bassist Barrckman - a TNB veteran who also played with Tommy Tutone’s backup band, says, “Audiences love what Stefan has put together for this kick-butt, rockin’ Blues band.”

With a strong jazz background, drummer Nicolai brings a unique finesse to the mix. Nicolai is no stranger to live music performance, having appeared at both Country Jam and Country Fest, as well as the Northern Wisconsin State Fair.

“I just want people to feel their own emotions when they listen to my music,” says Geisinger. “It’s all about sharing the feeling. If someone listens to my song and feels something… mission complete.”


-Anastasia Vishnevsky