Mojo Lemon

Voted “Best Blues Band in the Chippewa Valley” 2008-2014, Mojo Lemon Blues Band has been a staple in the Western Wisconsin music scene for a decade. Although the meaning of the band's name is up for interpretation, there is no question that the fellas in Mojo Lemon are passionate about what they do. Spawned from area bands out of the fountain-o-blues that is the Chippewa Valley, Mojo has won over the hearts and ears of blues and rock fans alike, and on their own terms. The band continues to dabble in the many stylings of blues, funk, rock ` roll, even country and has developed a somewehat unique sound. Mojo's in-your-face high-energy shows have become the standard on the local and regional music scene,and the "Mighty Lemon" is not afraid to give til it hurts. Get on the edges of your seats and enjoy America's music, played straight from the heart and soul, the way it was meant to be presented in that unmistakable Mojo sound,since 1999.