Steve Meyer

Steve John Meyer, lead vocalist, guitarist, a graduate of thousands of smoky nights,  jammin' blues in every bar in Minnesota and Wisconsin, then spending the night on the road,  in an old beat up van, usually cold, and snowing. It always snows at night around here.  Started blowin harp in '68, playin on the lakeshore, laundry room, culverts, to get that sound. One night jammin with some guys he just met, in an old roadhouse down by Cedar Lake,the place was packed, Suddenly people stopped dancin' to watch, and he never looked back. Then guitar, then vocals. Chasin a sound. As you listen to these grooves, remember they are live,  exactly as played one smoky night in a Wisconsin bar. No tricks. just the real deal, played from the heart.

Joining Steve this year, Ben Harder on bass & vocals, Nightie Martin on drums & vocals and Paul Wigen on keys.