March 2011

Wow, it seems like winter has been around for months now. Oh, Yeah, it has been! Five days ago it was –26 deg. On the way to work, Sunday it was 46 above. Quite a swing. Being only mid February, hard to believe this weather will last. I’m ready for spring! 

Besides the thaw another sure sign spring is coming is the Chippewa Valley Blues Society’s first event of the year. Lust For Blues IV is just around the corner. March 13th to be exact. The Metropolis Resort & Hotel in Eau Claire will be hosting again, this time at Action City. What a great spot for a fun afternoon! While you can do some grown up socializing to great music and food and beverages, the kids can race go-carts, climb rock walls or play at a bunch of different games and attractions. For the price of an adult admission to Lust For Blues you get some serious discounts on unlimited play at Action City’s seemingly limitless games and entertainment.

Speaking of Lust For Blues, the CVBS will be presenting Mojo Lemon, Volume One’s Best Blues Band in the Chippewa Valley. Mojo will be heatin’ things up with their particular brand of blues, rock, funk and good times. It is hard to sit still when these guys get wound up. Things will be movin’ and groovin’ as they lay it down their in the ballroom right next to the go-cart track. If you have never heard them you will be glad you finally got the chance. When they play Tuesday Night Blues at Owen Park the place is usually wall to wall with folks dancin’ and shakin what they’ve got.

Voted The Best in the Valley three years running, 2008, 2009 & 2010, Mojo Lemon is the 800-pound Gorilla everyone is talking about. For over ten years these guys have been playing festivals, bars, nightclubs and just about every venue you can think of. With Josh Entzminger’s stinging guitar licks, Terry DeMars rock bottom bass lines, Will Choppers’ rockin’ keyboards and Jason Introwitz keeping everybody on time on the drums. They all sing, and they are all excellent talents in their own right, but this is one of the tightest units on stage you are likely to see in western Wisconsin. They are that good!

Leading things off and setting things up for Mojo will be Sparky & the Wipers! These guys were our headline band just two years ago and brought people out of the woodwork to hear that Sparky style on vocals and guitar and Mike Schlenker’s soaring leads. Their fans can never get enough of the rock & soul & blues these boys produce. We are really glad to have them once again.

There will be food and beverage specials all day long, and the super specials on Action City unlimited play.

Blues & Barbecue in the winter! When we get things rollin’, spring will be racing to get here in time so it won’t miss out on the action. This is the one event of the year we actually ask for admission. It is our only fundraiser for ourselves, but we will give great value for your donation. Admission is $10, but join the Chippewa Valley Blues Society and you can have access to the great music, food and beverage specials, Action City unlimited play specials, and some other excellent deals for only $7! Last years Lust was a big success and a great time had by folks from four states. Action City is in The Metropolis Resort & Hotel and Chaos Water Park complex on the south side of I-94 at the intersection with Hwy 93 at Exit 68 in Eau Claire.

Doors open at 1:30 on March 13th

In future Blues Notes, I will bring you more histories and more info about performers, concerts in the region and other blues news from around the country.

Thanks for lending me an ear! See ya at Lust For Blues IV!